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A NEW BAND! HAGS! touring the west coast with Each Other ( May 28th -  June 11th!

Austin from Dragons
Erin from Mega Bog

Special guests
Jacob // Younger Shoulder
Zach // iji

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"Jealousy" by Dragons! New track from Feelings!


A page from Future Forever.


A page from Future Forever.

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Some UFO

Digital Wizards of the Ghost

Mellow Indie

Megabog’s new EP consist of four shorter and harder hitting jams than the spacey romps that appeared on 2011’s Freaky Dawn. It’s not that this record is arena rock, but there aren’t any atmospheric noise parts to be found here. The straightforward nature of this release really shows off Birgy’s songwriting prowess. 

Here’s my favorite track Ash Guppie.

Listen to the whole thing here.

OH MAN! i dunno if i hyped this record enough, but it’s fucking brilliant! every deliberate sound and swoon. dang.


Erin / Mega Bog (Taken with instagram)


Erin / Mega Bog (Taken with instagram)

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Ashley Eriksson sings “One Small Step”

Hear the rest of the demos from Giving & Receiving!

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zach’s been writing a million songs, and they’re all so good! and weird! so many things!


iji “Feeling This”
Demo of a song I wrote tonight. This is about as strait up, personal, and NOW as any song I have ever written. Feels so good to sing it. Thanks for being there to listen, cool universe.


Running into walls tonight / I’m feeling this, heavy
Whose got dirt on the coming light? / Someone’s gotta stop the sunrise!
Hard as we try / Ducking, sly / She’s so on to us
Filling out the forms while I wait for an answer.
Inappropriate S.M.S. on the way to corner store.
Bedroom alone / Clutching the phone / Honestly freaking out
Exposing the pie charts of my nude mind
Magic messages slip lil’ tiny pieces of information into the unfamiliar star world
Coming alive this afternoon in sad song form
I’m totally your biggest fan / Watch me head bang in the backseat of the van
Sweat radio! / 104.5 In the shadow of Mount Rainier / Tell all your friends
Basically, forgive me for asking you tough questions over black coffee
Big breakfast scramble / Sulking / Top of the morning baby
Missing kissing / I wanna hang wit somebody / I wanna dance with somebody Somebody who just gets it

iji – The Bird Call (50 plays)


iji “The Birdcall” feelin this.

FUCKING ONE WEEK! Get so hyped! This is on of my favorite albums and so perf. timed to scoot us all back into a real feeling! HEAVY POWER!


FEBRUARY 21, 2012

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I Locked The Door: Iji



LP Wizards of the Ghost

Indie Rock Funky Pop

This has honestly been one of my most anticipated releases in months. Records like this are the reason I do the blog. Yerself is Iji’s follow up to their stellar 2010 full length Cool Dream. While Cool Dream’s beachy rock sound…

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